Mailing list is a feature where you can create one mailing list for example

And then you can add multiple email ids as member of that mailing list now anytime you send email to mailing list created it will be auto send to all the users of that mailing list.

More details on the same as mentioned at

Terms & condition of mailing list at WebJi®
- It is allowed only on email hosting plans.
- It is a on demand service at no additional cost.
- We can allow you use of mailing list only to send mail copy to local email ids of your hosted domain name with us so if your domain name is then you are allowed to use mailing list to send mailings to only not to gmail or yahoo or any other external ID.
- If we ever find you violates the basic terms mentioned here the same may result in system admin time for cleanup fee if spam or IP blacklisting happens due to that as well as life time ban and disable of mailing list feature on your account.
- We dont allow our business or shared email servers used for mailing list farms, as that may result in degrade of the email server reputation. Thus if you need excessive high amount of mailing list creation required our vps private server plans are suggested as mentioned at

So if that is something you need you can contact our technical team via email at and we will review the case as per what requirement you share and please also include that how many email list you want to create.
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