Mass page is a website itself but is designed with the purpose to get a website with many SEO optimized web pages to rank for your local term.

Suppose you have a salon and you want to rank in 20 nearby locations in Google, now here a mass page site can be created for your SALON in nearby locations as per your preferences.

Benefits of Masspage site:
- Site is designed as per SEO needs to rank them faster in google as the web pages in mass page site are designed by SEO expert following the required SEO necessities.
- If you opt for premium plans where link building is done to boost further the authority of the pages to rank them high and faster in google search engine.
- Helps you get fast rank in google search engines with local / regional keywords for your market.

It is not mandatory that only a Salon needs such website, it can be a web service provider, web hosting provider, website designer, hospital, school, or we can say adjectively that sky is the limit of potential as this is the time of "Vocal for local" thus by ranking in your local area you catch the faster converting local clients who can trust you as you are a local product or service provider for them.

Ranking in Google or any other search engine is always indeed required for growth of any business online in the market. A website can be a showroom so if you design and build a good showroom that’s terrific but what is the purpose of a showroom without customers visiting or reaching it! That is why mass page site requirement comes where you cover all your local ranking and keywords in local market in search engines.

Note - Please note SEO is a business of potential market and opportunities, we are not here to make any false claims or guarantee how many results you will get depends on many external elements not in our coverage or control area. However, when you order a service with WebJi ®, you hire a 15-years of experienced marketing team, and we deliver the best services to our customers, because our motto is "Your success is only the gateway to our joint success."

For any doubts on masspage site feel free to contact our SEO team at +91 7727867101

Here is one of our client case study where we made mass-page / minisite for them

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