Some important information for all clients to make you aware how RBL works and having better understanding about any such case if happens:

There are 100s of email blacklisting database online which hold any suspicious or spamming IP. Every RBL or anti spam index has their own set of parameters to verify and determine which IP is spamming and which one is not.
If IP is blacklisted in one RBL donot mean you cant send emails anywhere in the world. No that is not the case, you will notice that only speciifc email id cant receive your email as their server is perhaps using that specific RBL only.
Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail these leading mail servers might have thier own system of antispam index so they may or maynot be using actively that much influence of the RBLs.
If you have business email usages make sure to upgrade to business email hosting or private vps where you can have one dedicated IP for your own mailing only as that is best setup and also helps you having less chances of such bad neighbours which can be a techincal limitation there on shared hosting plans.

What is recommended to clients:
Never use 123456 or name123 sort of easy to crack password.
Never use any prirated operating system or crack / illegal copies of any software tools.
Scan your local computer minimum once per month with any good antivirus software.
Never send unsoliciated emails from your email hosting ac.
If you have business email usages our business email hosting plans are suggested as have better infrastructure arrangement for email services.
Business email server have better spam filter and protection than free emails with web hosting plans.
Business email hosting plans as mentioned at
Features of our business email hosting as mentioned at
If you have budget then checking our VPS plans worth it as in that case you get a separate dedicated server IP as compared to shared hosting for your own mailing. Our VPS plans are as mentioned at
If more than 72 hrs RBL donot delist the IP then client is requested to contact their receiver email id from any other email medium and ask them to contact their web host to have our IP whitelisted on their antispam index as they are user of that particular Ip the RBL may listen to their voice faster. In that case you can contact our team at and our technical team can share our server IP address which you can contact your email receiver to have whitelisted from their RBL end.

What WebJi® as your service provider do when they notice any RBL issue
We make sure that the spamming is no more active that is to verify the server is actively not used for any form of spamming. Sometime false positive are also there, but then it depends on the blacklisting agency that how fast they are with support and how fast they respect or honor the review request.
Most of time RBL responds in 48 hrs however we have experience at the same time with some RBL like Proofpoint which sometime even delays the response saying this from our real life experience at work desk.
No any service provider can speedup the RBL procedure. So we have to follow the standard industry protocol how fast RBL responds to our request for delisting or not its upto them.

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