We understand that sometime client may have budget issues or some specific situation can be the reason; where having your own vps server may not be an ideal situation or solution for you.

In such a case we highly recommend our shared vps plans where you do not get a your own private vps server; but instead you get a shared vps with certain higher limits of system resources are there since one shared vps is shared among 10 users max so the cost is way less than compared to a private server and you still get extra layer of resources as compared to shared hosting limitations.

Kindly note that shared hosting comes with limitation only, there is nothing called Unrestricted System Resources shared hosting possible in technical terms. (Kindly note that when using word System Resources we are not talking here just about disk storage but the RAM, CPU, IOPS included in term system resources) Reason for the same is as it is not your private server the same server is shared among other users and we need to have it up, running and available without any bad effect or impact on shared server performance.

At the same time kindly note that any service provider who do not care of quality policy on shared hosting may overtime degrade or lose their level of quality and reliability shared hosting. Thus shared hosting is always recommended for startups, new projects and websites with small or medium-sized resources required + shared hosting always comes with certain limits and quality policy; no matter which service provider you use. Such restrictions or limitations may vary depending on vendor to vendor but can't be just eliminated (speaking technically).

In technical terms for example you can't buy a shared hosting plan and expect that you are allowed same time to use the whole or majority of server resources just because you are paying for a shared hosting, that is not fair and may not be allowed by any service provider no matter who is the provider is. If so, virtually no private server plan will be ever required or sold out there in market but that is not the case. "Shared means shared under some conditions." Our TOS is clearly mentioned at https://webji.in/terms-of-service/ for the purpose.

Some companies may have false promise upfront to just take your order, and later to show you TOS violation after days or weeks time or once the refund policy is over, at WebJi® we refrain from any of such practices and not part of our commitment to our users. We trust and believe in the educating clients when required and making them aware when necessary and being transparent is the key for long term business relations and solution.

Here the closest solution can be to move this site to a limited space shared vps plan (vps shared among 10 users so cost is way less than vps actually) plan details at https://webji.in/billing/store/shared-vps-server-budget-solution
For more insights of how WebJi® manages the services, please take a look at https://helpdesk.webji.in/en/article/what-makes-webji-different-than-other-service-providers-1y0s4p7/

Kindly note if you have any business services; the same shall be taken as an investment to the business and thus the appropriate plan and package shall be ordered.
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