There are few terms in online banking which are:

Authorized amount - Amount which a merchant can capture with the payment gateway to deliver the service.

Captured amount - Amount which your merchant can refund.

If there is any technical issue during payment, it is always suggested to wait for 24-48 hrs if it is allowed to capture than we can capture the same and can provide the required services or process required renewal. However, if this is not allowed to capture in our online merchant panel then it means we neither can capture nor can refund it.

So what happens is either in the coming days added to our merchant account and in case not, then it is auto refunded back to the same bank account from where the charges were attempted to pay.

The whole system works automatically and required minimal manual efforts. How much time it will take to have an uncaptured amount refunded back to your bank account that depends on banking procedures and no service provider can influence or change the speed of such a banking process.

So if more than 3 days and amount yet not allowed us to capture verify the same with your banker that merchant yet not captures the charges and will be auto refunded back as if left uncaptured by merchant. Your bank can also further help you about how many days it may take to have the uncaptured amount credited back to your bank account.
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