Please note that web hosting is not product its a service and a service quality will vary from vendor to vendor so it need a good hardware, timely response, proper monitoring what makes a web host better or worst.

If you are one of the old client of WebJi® then you shall be already aware of the same however still writing this article to make few things clear to all thew new and old users. For this, let take a real life example to understand what makes a product / service different and why bargain for price may not help in service segment even if it does in case of a product.

For example when we go to market and buy a toothpaste of "X brand" you are aware you are buying X manufacture toothpaste so the quality shall be of same level no matter you buy it from X store or Y store in that case bargain may help as ultimately you expect to get the exact same product.

But in service sector it is not like that; as here X can have less better uptime or service support standards than Y. Here X can have a better and faster support mechanism than Y so when dealing for bargain or any other hidden issues can be the reason of why A can be cheaper than B service provider, so you need to see all dimensions not just price when dealing for a service.

What makes WebJi® - A Reliable Service Provider

15 years of web hosting industry experience, formerly known as B4UIndia - internet and social media have full of the reviews from real people If you are new to Webji...
Wide range of product portfolio - web hosting, vps server, dedicated server, seo, SSL certificates, website security, website builder etc.
24X7 chat support
24x7 email support
Avg reply time on email is < 60 minutes (shall be way better than industry averages)
Least internal escalation time (Our management team reviews the helpdesk closely so that to ensure that if there is any escalation it shall take minutes not hours. Due to root level connectivity of management it makes escalations and their resolution timely)
NVMe drives are used on shared servers - upto 30x faster than SATA and upto 5x faster than SSD as used by web hosts generally
Daily remote backup of all shared servers - We have our own in-house cloud backup system holds all shared servers backup on daily basis hosted on remote server.
Shared hosting on 1gbps network - We have 100% of our shared servers on 1Gbps as minimum network
30 days refund policy on all shared & reseller hosting plans
Medium range of pricing plans - At WebJi® we prefer to offer you high quality of service support with medium priced plans.
Most of services have onetime offer so that user can join at better price for 1st invoice.
No Sales Art - Unlike some of our other competition we do not have artificial discounts which helps you join today and later to cost you 3x price or like that for renewal.
If you expect to have regular business and required recurring renewal discount then we will recommend join any of our 3 reseller plans for recurring discount as mentioned at as those are only plans offer you recurring discount which is applicable on renewals too.

Instead of a discount or price war we prefer to deliver "Value for Money" invested by you in services. We think there is no lack of service provider's options when it comes to cheapest offers and pricing in market whereas our focus in on being a medium priced web host; with high standards of service support for our users.

So comparing two web hosting companies from only pricing point is not suggested, you shall check all and above mentioned points and then after feel free to compare and decide what is good for your business. We expect most of time you will find our services be there with medium pricing plans and that is what we think is better than offering cheapest services and then to struggle for service, support or uptime frequent basis.
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