What can be a infected website and why it matters to be fixed?
Ans: A website having malware codes, malicious files or encrypted malwares or suspicious files not part of web application can be a result of infected website cms or website. There is no rule of thumb; as not all attacker have same mind; so client is requested to please cooperate and understand the value and importance of keeping website clean and make sure to follow given steps and guidelines to have safe internet and safe & secure servers. We cannot close the eyes; when there is a infection that must be addressed and taken care by your side on urgent basis without any delays by following the given steps by our team.

What are side effect or issues or errors a infected website may create?
Ans: Based on our past experience an infected website can result in all or any of the issues:
may result in your computer be infected
may infect your visitor's pc
may result in any form of illegal activities or abuse usages or spam from the network.
may result in strange errors on your website
may result in defacement of your website

Thus any infected website or cms is not allowed on our network to be hosted for legal and security reasons. If any such issue happens; then the same has to be fixed and addressed by your side on priority basis.

Our team is online and happy to help you by sharing you security steps to be followed and security measures to take care. Your web developer have to invest time and address all infection related concerns; and it is mandatory not optional as no user is allowed to host any infected files / malware on our network with regards to our network safety and security in sake of other users hosted on same server and network.

As being your web host we can only provide you support related to web hosting server error or issues, any cms or content level issues needs to be addressed by your developer only.

Please note that we charges you for web hosting not for content / cms level or programming level consultancy or malware cleanup, if any such issue happens your web host can share you steps to be followed by your web developer. Due to nature of abuse cases any support will be possible via email only. Any phone or chat consultancy will not be possible for the same.

Why WebJi® or any web host cant allow you repeat basis malware website to be hosted on their network?
Ans: Any repeat complaint data center reserve their right to terminate our server or account with multiple servers. When any abuse complaint comes to data center they have clear records of where its repeating and repeat basis on same domain name may just result in termination of the services and may effect other innocent users of the service provider who even do not have any involvement in any such event.

Everyone is abide by law and nobody can provide anything or any platform to host a malware so the case shall be self explanatory too in that sense. Anytime there is malware issue we expect client to take it seriously and have it properly resolved and taken care of for long term perspective as unsuspend or reupload the same app with same code which have any vulnerability issues, is not solution.
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