Proper procedure to create web hosting ac on reseller hosting panel on Plesk Panel are

Step 1. Create a service plan called web hosting package. If you have 5gb reseller ac and want to create 5 accounts of 1gb each then select 1 GB service plan and only create 5 accounts with that plan.

Step 2. Create subscription and select required plan.

You can create web hosting ac up to limits of your reseller ac if for example you have 5gb reseller space plan with 100 GB bandwidth per month allowed then you can allocate only 5gb space and 100 GB bw to all domains in total.

Some example case where you will face such issue:

You have one account of 1gb space but 100gb bw in this example case, now you cant create new ac or increase space limit of any other existing ac under the same ac as all ac bandwidth is allocated to that domain name alone.

You have 2 accounts where you have given all bandwidth now you cant create new ac as you don’t have allocation bw which was wrongly allocated to any other account.

Hope this case is clear.

If you have 5gb reseller ac you can create 1gb *5 accounts what may be the case is you have given the whole space to any other domain name ac under your reseller. So follow steps mentioned at

Review one by one, all hosting ac and their limits - if anywhere you have given higher unwanted limits reduce that using steps mentioned in the kb article.

Then increase the limits on any specific ac where you have less space or create a new ac shall work fine.

OR you can upgrade to higher reseller ac to buy higher plan with more limits up to you. If you need quote for upgrade then feel free to contact our team at or +91 141 4941811.****
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