Sending bulk email from email hosting plans or shared hosting plans where you can use outlook to send bulk email may result in degraded quality of email service or frequent blacklisting of IPs etc.

Why so?

- No auto unsubscribe: If the email is sent from our bulk email plan control panel instead of outlook then if your email receiver dislike they can have one click auto unsubscribe. It is not possible to be automatize in case of a local outlook thus if you keep sending email to that user it may result in frequent IP backlisting or spam issues.

- No auto backlisting: If the email was sent from our bulk email panel and that email id donot exists then our system can auto blacklist that and prevent sending any future emails to the email id which donot exists and having hard bounce errors. However, any such thing is not possible in outlook. If you keep sending repeat emails to email id which donot exists then may result blacklist of server IP or more frequent spam complaints.

The only case where bulk email sending over outlook we can allow is where you are sending a transactional email (not marketing mailer) to your own clients/customers then you can order our vps serve with dedicated IP and SMTP based outlook access can be provided. VPS plans are mentioned at

Other than that, any form of bulk mailing from webmail or outlook on any of our Business Email hosting plan or Linux or Windows shared hosting / Reseller hosting is not allowed and may result in immediate suspend or termination of service as per TOS violation.

Please note that any WebJi® donot allow any form of spamming and thus we when it comes to bulk emailing we need to have these quality policies to ensure no abuse of the network or resources. We are not providing any spamming services.
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