There was a time when cpanel was offering unlimited domains allowed license way back in year 2019 (as far as best remembered) they moved to per account pricing and overnight have changed their pricing to way many times higher pricing only for control panel.

A cost of server may increase way upto 10-30 times if we opt for cpanel where as similar file manager, dns manager, email mangement, db management, phpmyadmin they all are options are there in Plesk Panel too. So that is why we prefer Plesk as our primary control panel for our shared hosting.

Please note that control panel is just an front end User Interface and is provided free to all users, and if cpanel is must additional fee is applicable and our team can help you migrate your web hosting ac to cpanel based server whereas we dont recommend that. Still if required you can contact our helpdesk team to get a quote for cpanel based hosting at via email.
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