A few automatic reminder can be sent by our system and domain name registrar as per norms from ICANN for domain names. Every provider have to send certain advance notification for upcoming domain name renewal.

ICANN require all registrar to send a few reminder before due date so client have sufficient time to advance renew when required.

So if you have a few weeks remaining already in your next expiry date and you want to renew it in advance to expiry you can contact us via email at support@webji.services or otherwise you can ignore any such reminder if you decide to renew that later when expiry date comes nearby.

Note - once a domain name expired then after even if renewed it may take 24-48 hrs to have website or emails services back online that phase is called dns propagation thus to avoid that it is always requested to all clients to renew the domain name a few days in advance rather waiting for last date or expiry date. Rest renewal is optional and upto the client when they want to renew.
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