In order to have your WordPress website having contact form working you need to do the followings:
Until all errors or issues of WordPress are fixed please make sure to have debug mode true - enabled for that you can take help of wp-config.php file and steps as found in google search at

Using that you will see real error and issues rather blank pages. As that will guide you what error is for which reason and accordingly can be fixed.
Make sure to use SMTP Authentication based contact form plugin in WordPress where SMTP Details are requested and used by the plugin to have it working on your contact form backend in the website.

SMTP Details you need to use in such plugin are as follows:

from: any email id created by you for example
from name: anything there is fine upto you
smtp hostname: localhost
SMTP Secure - None
SMTP Port: 25

Plugin tested & working fine:

Once done please recheck your form now, most probably shall be working fine now. If not, then please contact our helpdesk team at

Kindly include a screenshot of your plugin settings filled by you + Screenshot of the error message you are getting + Text copy of the error you are getting when contacting our helpdesk team for support.
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